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California Rideshare Insurance

As of July 1, 2015, rideshare drivers are legally required to be covered by insurance from the moment they turn on their driver app.

Call for a FREE Home Insurance QuoteRidesharing companies provide coverage when a passenger is present in the car, however when a passenger is not present is where drivers have minimal liability coverage.

This is known as the “ridesharing insurance gap”. If an accident occurs during this time period, then the driver is likely to pay out of pocket car and medical expenses. Personal auto insurance is unlikely to cover the accident as these accidents fall under a business activity, often voiding any personal insurance coverage.


We Help Close the Insurance Gap

We offer a ridesharing insurance policy that extends the minimum liability coverage offered by ridesharing companies in case you are on the receiving end of an accident - something very common for ridesharing drivers that are constantly monitoring the driver app with their eyes off the road.

It is known as a ridesharing endorsement and specifically extends coverage during the period of time where drivers are driving around waiting for new business/clientele. Don’t rely on minimum liability coverage - the hassle alone is not worth your time and money.

Insurance for Uber™ drivers

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*Shana Insurance is in no way affiliated with Uber™, Lyft™, or Sidecar™ or their respective trademarks. The information on this page is to our best knowledge as of July 2015.

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