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If you’re looking for auto-insurance with real value, extraordinary service, and outstanding claims assistance, there is only one place where you can find the best; at Shana Insurance Services. The key to paying less and maintaining quality coverage is your local independent agent. An independent agent can write policies for many different insurance companies, so they can put you with the company that has the best rates for your particular situation. Have a ticket or accident? Whatever your driving record or type of car, you should ask us for a free quote.

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makes getting a quote easier than ever.  For over 30 years we have provided our community with real value, extraordinary service and outstanding claims.

Shana Insurance Services is connected with the most extensive and largest network of providers. The key to keeping your auto insurance at the lowest cost while maintaining supreme coverage is us – your local independent agent. With our experience and expertise we can write policies for many insurance companies – that is why we can guarantee you the lowest cost auto insurance.

Just inform us about your auto insurance needs, and we can write the auto-insurance policy that matches your requirements and saves you the most money. Are you unsure of your auto insurance requirements? Contact us or visit our FAQ section to learn more about how you can get the policy the fits your needs at the price you want – we are here to answer any questions you may have about you auto insurance policy.

Auto-Insurance Factors

Based on your vehicles, driving history, and locations, we will find the company that best suits your needs. Our extensive network combined with research and effort will result in the lowest-cost auto insurance – we find the best auto insurance rate from hundreds of companies.

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Our agents are here to work for you. We are so confident that you’ll save money on your auto insurance working with us we will show you comparison quotes from other auto insurance companies

Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rates With Special Discounts

Ask us about special discounts. Shana Insurance Services offers the following automobile insurance premium discounts to qualifying policyholders. Discounts can be applied automatically based on information we have in our records. Certain discounts must be certified.
See if you apply for the many discounts available.

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